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Scanner MT10SOK

Scanner MT10SOM computer diagnostic complex

Scanner MT10SOМ Scanner MT10SOM diagnostic complex is designed to diagnose the cars with internal combustion engines equipped with vehicle electronic systems: electronic fuel injection, ABS, immobilizer, climate system, heater, etc. The complex may be used both by service stations and individual car owners to perform car maintenance and repairs.

The diagnostic complex Scanner MT10SOM with adapter AMD-10SO, in comparison with the predecessor Scanner MT10SOKwith adapter AMD-4SOK, possesses the expanded functions of a beginner level motor-tester and allows to diagnose systems: ignitions, fuel supply of petrol and diesel engines, a gas distribution, a prestarting warming up of diesel engines, power supply and battery charging system.

Scanner MT10SOM may be used to diagnose electronic control systems of VAZ, GM-AVTOVAZ, SEAZ/KAMAZ, VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat), Daewoo, Daewoo/Chevrolet, Kia, Opel, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen, Hyundai, Ford, BAW, Chery, Great Wall, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexus vehicles etc. The complete list of ECUs that you can diagnose with MT10 may be updated as new ECUs are added.

Scanner MT10SOM diagnostic complex is based on MT10 Software.

Equipment design allows you to deploy it as either a fixed or a mobile version. You can power the complex from the vehicle battery.

Operation Mode

The complex Scanner MT10SOM consists of three subsystems:
- scanner, designed to operate in conjunction with the self-diagnosis system of internal combustion engines in vehicles equipped with electronic fuel injection systems and other systems;
- dual-trace oscillograph and motor-tester;
- database for keeping account of and systematizing the clients and services.


With the scanner you can:
- automatically identify ECU type (only for particular manufacturers).
- view in dynamics all the parameters monitored by an ECU or taken directly from ECM devices, view in a digital or in a graphic form up to 16 different parameters at the same time (if you view them in the LIST mode, the number is limited only by the height and resolution of your computer screen).
- record data in real time. You can start data recording at any time while viewing the data. Recording time is limited only by available free memory in your computer.
- download diagnostic trouble codes from ECUs, get ECU and engine identification info, calibration data, A/F ratio tables and other learn tables.
- control engine actuators as you view the parameters you are interested in (provided the ECU supports this function).
- conduct testing to determine mechanical loss, engine warm-up rate, indicated power balance, cylinder balance, idle speed irregularity, oxygen sensor performance; perform alternator testing, test engine start, cranking, determine its acceleration and acceleration dynamics.
- determine the exhaust toxicity using a gas analyzer.

Diagnostic Scaner Tester DST-12MDual-trace oscillograph

dual-trace oscillograph or logger, as entry level motor-tester, allows fast and reliable troubleshooting of the following systems:

Ignition system
- determine the condition of spark plugs and spark plug wires (open circuits, insulation breakages - by ignition primary circuit waveform);
- determine ignition coil operating conditions and identify problems (turn-to-turn shorts, insulation breakages - by ignition primary circuit waveform);
- perform commutator and Hall sensor diagnostics.

Fuel system of petrol engine
- perform electrical checks of fuel injectors (turn-to-turn shorts in injector windings, injection phase duration, etc.);
- check the operation of sensors (temperature, throttle position, oxygen, mass air flow, etc.);
- check the operation of actuators (such as Idle Air Control's, etc.);
- determine exhaust gas components using an external gas analyzer.

Fuel system of diesel engine
- diagnostics of diesel fuel injection pump condition via a curve of pressure pulsations in fuel pipes (with UZ-PS and PD-4, PD-6 piezosensors);
- electric check of fuel injectors control channel.

System of a prestarting warming up of diesel engine
- diagnostics of electric chains of glow plug and ignition plug.

Valve timing system
- determine relative compression in the cylinders with engine cranked by starter;
- compression measurement in dynamics (on a running engine) and in a turn engine mode (with DD-8S/DD-10S sensors);

Power Supply and Battery Charging System
- check the operation of the alternator and battery charging system (measure the output voltage and alternator current with possible identification of rectifier diodes and voltage regulator faults, sticking up of the brushes, etc.).


The database allows you to:
- keep account of clients;
- keep account of services performed;
- store client data;
- print service reports.

Packing list

Adapter AMD-10SO
10-BASE-T cable for computer connection
AM4-D32-VAZ cable for VAZ, Izh and DAEWOO vehicles equipped with 12-pin diagnostic connector (GM)
DLC cable D4-D11-DIAG extension cable for all vehicle models
Power cable SO11-P11-BATT for battery connection
Vehicle adapter GAZ AM4-D26-GAZ for GAZ and UAZ vehicles
Vehicle adapter OBDII AM4-D46-OBDII for OBD II equipped vehicles
Vehcile adapter VAG-4 AM4-D52-VAG for VAG vehicles Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat models manufactured before 1994
Signal cables:
SO10-S11-Y - yellow test lead
SO10-S21-B - blue test lead
SP-3-1.5 coupler cable 4pcs.
SP-3-2.8 coupler cable 4pcs.
SP-3-6.3 coupler cable 4pcs.
SP-KG alligator coupler cable 2pcs.
DVN-2V secondary ignition pickup
DVN-4V-M secondary ignition pickup
DVN-4V-P secondary ignition pickup
KSI-6 inductive pickup
Scanner MT10SOM identification
MT10 Software and Documentation on CD

Optional accessories (ordered separately):
Vehicle adapter Steyr AM4-D62-Steyr for vehicles with VDO Steyr ECU (GAZ-560)
Cable SO4-D41-GAZ ABS for connection to ABS of GAZ vehicles
Vehicle adapter DEUTSCH9 AMD4-D45-DEUTSCH9
KT-14S current clamp
DD-10S 25 bar pressure probe
DD-8 40 bar pressure probe
PD-4 piezosensor
PD-6 piezosensor
UZ-PS charge amplifier

Computer requirements for Scanner MT10SOM

Recommended computer requirements:
- Pentium IV 1.8 GHz;
- 1Gb RAM;
- 100 BASE-T Ethernet network adapter;
- 1024x768, High-Color video adapter;
- CD-ROM (for installing the software);
- Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7.

Take the advantage of Scanner MT10SOM - and the generally used cables at a beneficial price!

Scanner MT10SOM PLUS includes:
- Scanner MT10SOM,
- All access codes till 2011
For the favourable price - the economy is about 25 percent

of Scanner MT10SOM

Oscilloscope channels:
input voltage: +-200 V
input resistance: 240 kOhm
Sampling rate: 1 MHz
ADC bit resolution: 10 bit
Battery voltage, DC, V 7..33
Max. power consumption, W 5
Max. dimensions of the AMD-4SOM adapter, mm: 180x135x40
Max. mass of the AMD-4SOK adapter, kg 0,5
Average service life, years 8
Computer connection type: Ethernet 10-BASE-T
Operating system: Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7.
Supported communications interfaces: ISO9141-2(К-L-line), J1850(VPW, PWM), J1708 CAN:
-ISO11898 (high speed), -ISO11519 (Fault tolerant), -J2411(Single wire), J1939
Interface languages: Russian, English.


User/s manuals (0)

Price, EXW (roubles):
Scanner MT10SOM PLUS


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