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MT10 software - download

MT10 v4.1.34.1

MT10 software supports AMD-4AK and AMD-4SOK adapters.

Motor-Tester MT10K diagnostic complex includes MT10 software with AMD-4AK adapter.
Scanner MT10SOK diagnostic complex includes MT10 software with AMD-4SOK adapters.

System requirements
PC with Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

The first run of MT10

ATTENTION! At the first run of MT10 software set up connection with adapter (Menu Settings -> Adapter connection) and supply password (Menu Settings -> New module's password) .

Download MT10 software:

MT10 demo v4.1.34.1 DOWNLOAD (5,8 Mb)

Download and run MT10 demo to review operating modes of the program, to receive the information on a set of displayed variable and accessible executive mechanisms for different ECU type.

MT10 v4.1.34.1 release DOWNLOAD (5,9 Мб)

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