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Motor-Tester MT10KM

Motor-Tester MT10KM computer diagnostic complex

Motor-Tester MT10KM Motor-Tester MT10KM diagnostic complex is designed to diagnose and troubleshoot 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 cylinder gasoline and gas-powered internal combustion engines with spark-plug ignition. The complex may be used both by service stations and individual car owners to perform car maintenance and repairs.

Motor-Tester MT10KM may be used to diagnose electronic control systems of VAZ, GM-AVTOVAZ, SEAZ/KAMAZ, VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat), Daewoo, Daewoo/Chevrolet, Kia, Opel, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen, Hyundai, Ford, BAW, Chery, Great Wall, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexus etc. The complete list of ECUs that you can diagnose with MT10 may be updated as new ECUs are added.

Equipment design allows you to deploy it as either a fixed or a mobile version. You can power the complex from the vehicle battery.

Operation Mode

The complex Motor-Tester MT10KM consists of three subsystems:
- scanner, designed to operate in conjunction with the self-diagnosis system of internal combustion engines in vehicles equipped with electronic fuel injection systems and other systems;
- Motor-Tester, which allows detailed diagnostics of various ignition systems (classic, electronic, microprocessor) with mechanical or static distribution of energy as well as of electronic engine control systems manufactured both in this country and other countries. Motor-Tester has a necessary flexibility to test most of today's vehicles with gasoline engines, it was not designed with any particular car make or model in mind, as all the measurements are made by connecting directly to the test points;
- database for keeping account of and systematizing the clients and services.


With the scanner you can:
- automatically identify ECU type (only for particular manufacturers).
- view in dynamics all the parameters monitored by an ECU or taken directly from ECM devices, view in a digital or in a graphic form up to 16 different parameters at the same time (if you view them in the LIST mode, the number is limited only by the height and resolution of your computer screen).
- record data in real time. You can start data recording at any time while viewing the data. Recording time is limited only by available free memory in your computer.
- download diagnostic trouble codes from ECUs, get ECU and engine identification info, calibration data, A/F ratio tables and other learn tables.
- control engine actuators as you view the parameters you are interested in (provided the ECU supports this function).
- conduct testing to determine mechanical loss, engine warm-up rate, indicated power balance, cylinder balance, idle speed irregularity, oxygen sensor performance; perform alternator testing, test engine start, cranking, determine its acceleration and acceleration dynamics.
- determine the exhaust toxicity using a gas analyzer.

Motor-Tester MT10KMotor-Tester

Motor-Tester allows fast and reliable troubleshooting of the following systems:

Ignition system
- determine the condition of spark plugs and spark plug wires (carbon deposits, open circuits, insulation breakages);
- determine ignition coil operating conditions and identify problems (turn-to-turn shorts, correct connection, insulation breakages);
- perform commutator and Hall sensor diagnostics;
- view the performance of centrifugal advancer (Ignition Timing vs. Engine Speed graph);
- determine ignition timing (using or not using a timing light).

Fuel system
- perform electrical checks of fuel injectors (turn-to-turn shorts in injector windings, injection phase duration, etc.);
- check the operation of sensors (temperature, throttle position, oxygen, mass air flow, etc.);
- check the operation of actuators (such as Idle Air Control's, etc.);
- determine exhaust gas components using an external gas analyzer;
- determine cylinder contribution using the ignition disconnect method.

Valve timing system
- determine relative compression in the cylinders with engine cranked by starter;
- measure dynamic compression (on a running engine) and cranked engine compression.
- determine if the timing belt is installed correctly;
- check the operation of intake and exhaust valves.

Power Supply and Battery Charging System
- check the operation of the alternator and battery charging system (measure the output voltage and alternator current with possible identification of rectifier diodes and voltage regulator faults, sticking up of the brushes, etc.).

Additional Functionalities
- the system can operate as a multi-channel graph plotter or oscilloscope synchronized by any of the parameter channels or by special synchronization channels (crankshaft position sensor (CPS), top dead center sensor (DCS) or an inductive pickup used as a first cylinder sensor). Up to 8 channels can be displayed and recorded at the same time.


The database allows you to:
- keep account of clients;
- keep account of services performed;
- store client data;
- print service reports.

Packing list

AMD-4AKM vehicle diagnostics unit
AMD-4 power supply 12V/1A
10-BASE-T cable
DVN-2A secondary ignition pickup
DVN-4A-P secondary ignition pickup (+)
DVN-4A-M secondary ignition pickup (-)
KSI-4 inductive pickup
KT-14 250A AC/DC current clamp
SA-4 timing light
DTK-2 300/13 kPa Abs. Vacuum/Boost probe
Signal cables:
AM4-S11-Y - yellow test lead
AM4-S21-B - blue test lead
AM4-S31-G - green test lead
AM4-S41-R - red test lead
AM4-S51-V - violet test lead
AM4-D141-DIAG DLC cable
AM4-D46-OBDII vehicle adapter for OBD II-equipped vehicles
VAZ/GM-12 AM4-D32-VAZ vehicle adapter for VAZ, Izh and DAEWOO vehicles equipped with a 12-pin diagnostic connector (GM)
VAG-4 AM4-D52-VAG vehicle adapter for VAG Group vehicles: Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat; pre-1994 models.
AM4-D22-GAZ vehicle adapter GAZ for GAZ and UAZ vehicles
AM4-P11-BATT battery power cable
AM4-S73-BLOK primary lead
AM4-SA1-B4 4-ch. primary probe
AM4-SB1-B1 1-ch. primary probe
AM4-SC1-B GAZ primary probe GAZ
AM4-SK1-B2 VAZ 2-ch. primary probe VAZ
AM4-SH1-INJ injector probe VAZ
AM4-S83-CPS/DPS CPS/DPS test lead
AM4-SF1-DPS DPS probe
AM4-SG1-CPS CPS probe 4pcs.
SP-3-1.5 coupler cable 10pcs.
SP-3-2.8 coupler cable 6pcs.
SP-3-6.3 coupler cable 3pcs.
SP-KG alligator coupler cable
AMD-4AКМ probe set (7 pcs.)
Motor-Tester MT10KV identification
MT10 Software and Documentation on CD

Optional accessories (ordered separately):

DD-8 40 bar pressure probe
DD-10 25 bar pressure probe
KT-6A 10A AC/DC current clamp
AM4-D62-Steyr vehicle adapter GAZ Steyr
AM4-D72-GAZ ABS vehicle adapter ABS GAZ
AM4-SL1-B4 VAZ 4-ch. primary probe VAZ
KD-2 commutator of secondary ignition pickups
DT-2D temperature sensor
KF-2 injectors commutator
PD-4, PD-6 piezosensors

Computer requirements for Motor-Tester MT10KM

Recommended computer requirements:
- Pentium IV 1.8 GHz;
- 1Gb RAM;
- 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet network adapter;
- 1024x768, High-Color video adapter;
- COM-port (for gas analyzer connection);
- CD-ROM (for installing the software);
- Windows XP/VISTA/7.

Take the advantage of Motor-Tester MT10KM PLUS - and the generally used cables at a beneficial price!

Motor-tester MT10KM PLUS includes:
- Motor-tester MT10KM,
- All access codes till 2011.
For the favourable price - the economy is about 20 percent!


of Motor-Tester MT10KM

Oscilloscope channel 1:
input voltage: +/-200 V
input resistance: 240 kOhm
Oscilloscope channels 2...5;
input voltage: 0...400 V
input resistance: 240 kOhm
Sampling rate: 20/0.4 MHz
ADC bit resolution: 8/10 bit
Number of channels viewed at the same time: from 1 to 8
Crankshaft rotation speed, rpm 0...8000
Dwell angle, deg. 0...90
Coil saturation time, ms 0...40
Ignition angle:
- using a timing light, deg. -5...+60
- using a TDC sensor, deg. +/-90
- using a pressure probe, deg. +/-90
Spark plug discharge voltage, kV +/-30
Battery voltage, DC, V 0...25
Power supply voltage:
- when powered from the power supply unit, V 220 +/-10% (50 +/-0.5) Hz
- when powered from the vehilce power system, V 12 +/-3
Max. power consumption (without PC), W 15
Max. dimensions of the AMD module, mm 300x200x80
Max. mass of the AMD module, kg 2,5
Average service life, years 8
Computer connection type: Ethernet 10-BASE-T
Operating system: Windows XP/VISTA/7
Supported communications interfaces: ISO9141-2 (K-L-line),J1850 (VPW, PWM);CAN: ISO11898 (High speed), ISO11519 (Fault Tolerant), J2411(Single Wire)
Interface languages: Russian, English.


User/s manuals (2)

Price, EXW (roubles):
Motor-Tester MT10KM PLUS


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