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NTS Price List

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NTS Production Price List
Address: 150 Partizanskaya St., Samara, 443070 Russia, Telephone/Fax: +7-(846) 269-50-20 (multi channel), E-mail E-mail,
NTS directly exports the goods to the countries of the Customs union. Please concerning equipment export to other countries address in of AVTOVAZ services or to our other dealers. At present the direct export deliveries in the far abroad countries are economically inexpedient for NTS. The information on a site is for informative purposes only, the prices are actual at purchase in Russia, for more detailed equipment information visit our site
Prices are given in rouble. The price of the goods and payment are established in euro about a rate of purchase of euro of the SBERBANK of Russia at date of the conclusion of the contract.
For all questions please request our export department E-mail E-mail.
The price for the goods (in euro) is specified in the price-list.
Terms of delivery (according to INCOTERMS 2000) - Ex Works.
Additional charges: customs registration, customs payments, insurance, delivery and so forth are considered in the contract.
We can reduce our price for orders not less than 5 pcs.
We offer the goods in the price-list completely with all necessary accessories.
By your inquiry we can sell also accessories separately.
Pos. Title of production Price in rouble,
1 Diagnostic scanner-tester DST and accessories
3 DST-14T/NK1 kit77800DST-14T, 2018 Software Update module, 6 cables:GAZ,VAZ,OBDII,VAG,USB
4 2018 Software Update module DST-14 D116050DST-14 full programs set till 31-12-2018. For DST with all soft till 31-12-2014
5 2018 Software Update module DST-14 D222500DST-14 full programs set till 31-12-2018. For DST w/o all soft till 31-12-2014
7 Computer diagnostic complexes
8 Scanner MT10SOM PLUS75100Scanner MT10SOM with 2018 Software Update module (all software till 31-12-2018)
10 Motor-Tester MT10KM PLUS161500Motor-Tester MT10KM with 2018 Software Update module (all soft. till 31-12-2018)


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