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NTS export depatrtment

NTS directly exports the goods to the countries of the Customs union. Please concerning equipment export to other countries address in of AVTOVAZ services or to our other dealers. At present the direct export deliveries in the far abroad countries are economically inexpedient for NTS. The information on a site is for informative purposes only, the prices are actual at purchase in Russia, for more detailed equipment information visit our site

If you have any questions about our product and export process, please, do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail: E-mail or by phone/fax: +7-(846) 269-50-20 (multi channel).

Faithfully yours and ready for cooperation!

Export process

NTS Delivery and order form

First of all, you should fill in the delivery and order form which specifies the terms and conditions of delivery, procedure of payments, currency, carrier, insurance, goods items, customer's and consignee's details and send the filled form via E-mail or fax. All these facts are very important for to identify charges or other non-tariff trade barriers.

Download NTS delivery and order form: DOC file in zip archive

Negotiate sales contract

After recieving delivery and order form we will send you via e-mail the contract which clarifies the rights and duties of the parties involved in the trade deal. It is necessary to look through the contract carefully.

Execution of documents before invoicing:

- additional permission for exporting goods to your country (if russian custom authority requires it), it takes us 7-10 days
- bank transactional document (if the amount of the order is more then equivalent of 5 000 USA dollars) it takes us 1 day


For all customers we ask payment in advance to our bank account. We send you invoice together with the standard settlement instructions for wire bank transfer.

Sending good

- we give in your order to our manufacture (the duration of making goods usually depends on the ordering quantity, on average about 3-7 days);
- we get all documents for customs clearance (7 days);
- we give goods to the carrier's office and get the shipment waybill with the tracking number.

Final provision

The scanned documents will be sent to you via e-mail (shipment waybill and customs declaration).
You need to inform us about receiving goods and send us back one of two copies of the signed contract and specification with official stamps by post to the our address:
NTS Ltd.,150 Partizanskaya St., Samara, 443070 Russia.

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